In an effort to provide a safe shopping experience for our customers, we have implemented new procedures to comply with state recommendations regarding Covid-19. We will adjust our policies whenever they are updated.

For the safety of our customers and employees, we will be wearing masks. If you are fully vaccinated, masks are not required inside the market, but we ask that anyone not vaccinated to please wear a mask.

We have two sinks behind the market near the portable toilets for hand washing. We also have hand sanitizer in the market and in the pick your own fields. Handwashing is better than using hand sanitizer for removing germs. It is recommended that you wash your hands before and after picking fruit.

Our pavilion is open. We have a 2x4 board on top of each picnic table. One side says "clean," and the other side says "dirty." When you leave the picnic table, please turn the block to the side that says "dirty." An employee checks the pavilion throughout the day to wash and sanitize the used tables and turn the board back to "clean."

For those who do not feel comfortable coming into the building, we are still offering contactless Windmill Pick Up through our online order form.

Thank you for your patience as we strive to provide a safe, comfortable experience for everyone. We are grateful for your business, and we are smiling behind our masks. Thank you for shopping local.